Mail Order Businesses

Mail Order Businesses use  a method of selling goods or services by mail delivery to the customer.

This business can be run with many types of product. There are several ways that orders can be taken: by telephone, by email, by letter, via a website, ebay and other such sites.

The products can be stocked ready for shipment or with some you can use the services of a drop shipper.

The Mail Order Businesses method is not a new idea. It seems to have its beginnings in the mid nineteenth century. It is just as relevant in the twenty first century for various reasons, some to do with the customer and some with the supplier.

1. It saves the customer from the time and effort of trawling round the shops seeking items.

2. Some customers are unable to access retail outlets for the items they require due to location or time restraints.

3. Items can be ordered in the comfort of home, often at any time convenient to the customer.

4. The customer can discover items that s/he hadn’t previously known s/he needed.

For the seller:

1. A single product can be stocked rather than a range.

2. A large geographical area can be covered.

3. The business can be operated part time – at least to begin with.

4. Depending upon the item(s) chosen, start up costs can be extremely low.

5. From one item the business can be expanded to offer a full range within a niche.

6. The business can be run from the kitchen table.

7. You can learn ‘on the job’.

8. You can keep the security of your existing full time employment.

9. You can work at times convenient to you.

10. No employees are necessary.

Looking after your Mail Order customers

Some pointers to customer care in your Mail Order business

Choosing a product

Careful consideration needs to be given to the choosing of products for your Mail Order business.

How to sell by Mail Order

A few thoughts on finding and selling to your Mail Order customers.